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Using passwords

First create a password so that you can send links using it, you can allow Send Link to store your passwords encryption key or you can use a PIN. If your using Send Link anonymously your passwords will be hashed.


Open a received link

If someone has sent you a link, you can access its content by using the dashboard. Received links automatically show up in your account when sent, if the sender has also shared the password; this password will be displayed in the 'Received Passwords' panel.

Data Encryption

AES 256

Data encrytion uses AES256 block level encryption to protect files when stored. Data is streamed directly into the encryption system ensuring data is not stored to disk unless encrypted. This aids in data security and system integrity.

Password Storage

SHA 256

Password protection is critical to encryption systems, this is why we use SHA256 a one way salted hashing function. When you create a Share Link account; the password is converted into an irreversible set of characters. On login we convert your password again and see if they match.

Secure Recipient


The recipients email is hashed one way, this protects the identity of the recipient receiving encrypted data. It also allows us to generate a unique ID for the secure communication.
A Sender ID is not required, and is only used inside the email notifications to allow the recipient to identify you (the sender).

Data Transfer


Data transfered from a client to a Send Link remote server is encrypted via SSL(TLS).

Data Storage

Data Isolation

Anonymous data is stored in the Secure Store, an isolated database in which only the system accesses for encrypted data. All user and system data is stored in the SendLink main database. Anonymous messages do not retain sender identifiers.